When we walked in, a thin black slip stretched from her shoulders to her thighs. She was the only one who had changed clothes after dinner. We dragged large easels across the wooden floors, and the soft… Continue reading

A Good Man in Chania

During the late afternoon on our last day in Chania, I walked with three friends across town along the cobbled roads in search of a vegetarian restaurant whose existence was rumored near our… Continue reading

Peace Village

We went to Peace Village in the Catskills this weekend for a vegetarian cooking retreat with light meditation for my mother’s birthday. I have mixed feelings about the experience. I know that everyone… Continue reading

Areopagus Hill

I spent spring break in Athens and Crete as part of my Venetian history seminar. During my time in Athens, I tried to watch the sun rise and set from the Areopagus Hill at… Continue reading

Boston- Quincy Street/Faneuil Hall Breakdancers

This lively group of young black performers and the enormous (and enraptured) crowd they drew was perfect for some quick sketching. Memorable quotes: “Are you guys ready?” (Crowd screams YES!) “To see these… Continue reading

Sook Ridgewood

I was taking the train home with my sister one day when we heard of a brushfire up ahead. After waiting on the top level of the double-decker for a few minutes, we… Continue reading

Chania Harbor

Bike ride along the harbor in the morning on one of our last days in Crete. Came across a small sandy area and sketched a little, watching the harbor and its multitude of… Continue reading

The First

Inaugural new sketchbook sketch. Sketches and stories have dwindled drastically since I found college- but it should be the opposite, right? This was likely on the F train or some such subway uptown… Continue reading

Princeton Singer-Songwriters Showcase

    Sometimes there is heart in unexpected places. Art and music thrived in an underground  den filled with free warm cookies and chalkboards tonight.

A Passover Story: Sometime April 8th-16th, 2009.

This happened before the town’s train station was renovated into a towering, railed structure with strange unexplainable math equations as decorations on the glass windows around stairways. I was in 8th grade, walking… Continue reading