The Most Interesting Part of College Information Sessions Is…

Sketching the people there, of course.

This one from a college info session–the last one I went to. I can’t even remember which schools were there. The kid on the left had the best hair–his mom also looked back and saw me drawing him, which was incredibly awkward. I made these two with watercolor pencils, which are quite satisfying to work with, even while dry!

This next one is probably the first “college visit” I did- Columbia University in the city of New York itself. One of the closest schools to my home, and not a hassle to visit. I was surprised by the diversity of visitors in the room.

And about a year later, as a junior, I attended this general college fair… On the left I’d scrawled down the names of some of the schools in attendance.

The info sessions gave me a very broad overview about schools in general. Kind of odd to sense the tensed atmosphere in the room- I could almost hear people worrying about SATs and grades across the room.


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