Boston- Quincy Street/Faneuil Hall Breakdancers

This lively group of young black performers and the enormous, enraptured crowd they drew was perfect for some quick sketching. Memorable quotes: “Are you guys ready?” (Crowd screams YES!) “To see these black guys, running around?” (YES!) “Without being chased by cops?”

When collecting the white girls’ bags, the guy yelled out “It’s not what it looks like!” and dashed around a bit.

Before the stunt, when one of the black performers jumped over the girls (see below), they collected money from onlookers. Every time they got a twenty (twice), they stopped the music and gave the couple a shout-out. “WE GOT A TWENTY! Everybody clap for this rich white couple!” Or even, “Nobody be friends with this guy! He has no money!”

The scene:

The suspense built up to a moment when they jumped over these (slightly-terrified) girls:

The sketch:


2 thoughts on “Boston- Quincy Street/Faneuil Hall Breakdancers

  1. This is incredibly awesome. Can you tell me the name of the performing group or where you saw them by any chance? I’m going to Boston in a few days. : )

    1. I saw them outside the Blue Line subway station at Quincy Street–I think it was the State street stop. And I don’t know the name, but you’ll see a bunch of awesome, ripped African-American men flinging themselves around impossibly!

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