Gesture Drawing Across the Age Spectrum

The perfect subjects for gesture drawing are dancers and crowds. Sometimes it is awkward when I realize that people are watching my hand moving frenetically, scribbling. But gesture drawing is incredibly freeing and has shaped me as an artist, writer, and student. Perhaps this explains why the artwork of young children enchants me. My father, who is a fellow painter (oils and abstract/expressionist art- and art-lover, always marveled at the freedom of expression in children in the kindergarten finger-painting classes of my sister or me, and I realize why.

Here’s a piece that my four-year-old cousin created and that I have saved on my phone. I absolutely love it. I have no explanation, but I would’ve stopped and taken a picture even if it were in a museum, and would be happy to create something like this.



So, as a tribute to gesture drawing and to my almost-full beloved black Moleskine sketchbook and companion, here is one of my first attempts. It was completed last winter at a high school talent show, where one of my friends was MC-ing. The small theatre was pitch-black, so it was amazing to be able to make out the shapes of the figures dancing afterwards.

Goshen Gesture


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