Big Sur, California

About 11 months ago, my family and I were traveling around California. It was my first real time there (after spending a day or two visiting Stanford once).

One of my favorite days of the trip was when we drove down Highway 1 to Pfeiffer Beach. The whole time we were thinking that we might have over-hyped the landscape, which couldn’t match up to the rolling cliffs in County Kerry that we saw last year in Ireland. Then, we stopped at Nephente, as advised by many traveler reviews, a cafe with a wonderful view of the mountains and sea. It was crowded and a bit overpriced, but a nice time for us. I remember being surprised at the number of languages I heard around Big Sur– lots of Europeans (German, French, Russian) and some South and East Asians. The photos below show one sketch I had time to squeeze in at Nepenthe before we resumed driving.

On the way back, the small Pfeiffer Beach parking lot was full. Dismayed, we waited by the roadside until the parking attendant hollered up the hill for us to drive down. After about ten minutes of driving past the beach entrance, we arrived. Small beach, purple sand, and stunning rock formations. 

Quick sketch of the view from Nepenthe in Big Sur, while my family impatiently waited to move on– to Pfeiffer Beach!
Panoramic shot of the view from Nepenthe.
Sketching in the sketchbook I bought from City Lights Bookstore!

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